MET® Services

Exercise Caution When You Select an MET® Representative

Aren't all MET representatives equally qualified? The short answer is--No. A three-day training course is merely a rough introduction to MET turbochargers and is no substitute for real experience.

TurboUSA® is an authorized MET representative with over 25 years of MET® experience in-the-field. Due to our MET expertise, some MET representatives subcontract their MET work to TurboUSA®. Why pay for the middleman? Go directly to TurboUSA® for quality MET services.

Not Just Cleaning & Balancing

Unlike many of our competitors, our MET services are not limited to cleaning and balancing. We can also perform maintenance and repairs such as:

  • Re-Blading
  • Rotor Chrome Plating
  • Crack Detection
  • Gas Seal Repairs
  • Other Shaft Repairs

Large MET Parts Inventory

Most MET representatives in the US carry little or no MET spare parts inventory. As a result, service and repairs are delayed while parts are ordered. In contrast, TurboUSA® carries a large inventory of reconditioned MET spare parts such as compressor wheels, shafts and turbine blades. This large stock of attractively priced OEM inventory permits TurboUSA® to perform service and repairs on short notice. In addition, we can of course supply new OEM parts.