NTN-SNR® Bearings

Bearings - The Heart of the Turbocharger

Avoiding poor lubrication, contamination, high temperatures, overloading, shock loading and imbalance can extend bearing life.

High Quality Proven Bearings

Only high quality proven bearings should be used in marine and power plant turbocharger applications.

TurboUSA® is proud to supply NTN-SNR® bearings. NTN-SNR® manufactures bearings for many precision applications including aerospace. In 1990, SNR® was the first bearing company in the world to become ISO certified and today all NTN-SNR® European companies are ISO certified

Naked & Complete Bearings

TurboUSA® offers a wide range of naked and complete (assembled) bearings. To speed delivery times, these bearings are stocked in both the US and in Rotterdam. Due to high sales volumes, these high quality bearings are very competitively priced.