Rotor Shaft Ends


TurboUSA® has the only Lloyd's Register® approved thermal spray shaft repair process in the Americas. This process represents a significant advance in providing our customers with quality parts at value pricing. Unlike the "Cold Repair" procedure where a new layer is added to the shaft at a temperature below 300°C, TurboUSA®'s procedure fuses the sprayed layer and the underlying metal at a temperature approximating 1,200°C.

The hot metal spray technology permits machined surfaces such as keyways and threads to be treated and the shaft can be balanced on the new layer without risk of damage.

Hot metal spray works well when the entire shaft can be sprayed. In cases where only sections of the shaft are to be sprayed, then laser metal cladding is the optimal solution. With laser cladding, the concentrated beam of the fully automated laser avoids heat damage to neighboring areas. The powder coating material is carried by an inert gas through a powder nozzle that results in an incredibly strong metallurgical bond.

TurboUSA® offers laser metal cladding repairs that will work with virtually all ABB®, MET®, MAN® and other major brands of turbocharger shafts.

Both the hot metal spray and laser metal cladding procedures are backed by our 1-year warranty.